Oil brings pleasure and taste to our cuisine and is also essential for our good health. It provides the body with an important energy supply (9 Kcal/g) and essential fatty acids which help in the construction of the cell membranes of the nervous system as well as in reducing the body's bad cholesterol level.

Moroil oils are all of vegetable origin and are cholesterol free. Vegetable oils contain essential fatty acids (EFA) which are vital for our health but cannot be synthesised by our body.

The three EFA's are:

  • Omega 3, essential for the proper functioning of the brain. 
  • Omega 6, vital for regenerating and repairing the cells of our bodies and keeping them healthy.
  • Omega 9, which helps to lower the risk of cardio vascular diseases. 


Vegetable oil is essential for a healthy and balanced diet.
Vegetable oils contain natural nutrients which are essential for the construction, growth and renewal of the cells of our organism. They play a vital role in keeping our daily diet healthy and balanced.

We need to provide our body with the energy it requires every day.
As our body use up a lot of energy throughout the day, we need to provide it with an additional source of energy.

A natural source of energy.
Moroil Soya and Moroil Sunflower are pure vegetable oils rich in poly-unsaturated fatty acids and are a simple and natural source of energy for our body's daily energy requirements.

Our organism needs essential fatty acids. Yet, our body cannot produce them!
They are called essential fatty acids because they are truly indispensable to ensure the correct functioning of our organism. Unfortunately as our bodies cannot produce them we must therefore find the essential fatty acids in our food.

Benefits of olive oil.
Olive oil is rich in antioxidants (such as Vitamin E and polyphenols) which help to protect the body against cardio-vascular diseases, cancers and ageing.

Moreover, it is rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids which, contrary to saturated fatty acids (found in animal fats, butter, meat, cheese etc) reduce the level of the 'bad' cholesterol, the one responsible for blocking blood vessels. It also contains oleic acids which stimulate the production of bile and help in the good functioning of our digestive system.

Recent medical studies have made olive oil popular as it is the basis for the famous "Mediterranean diet" renowned for keeping you healthy and helping you to live better and longer.