The company has been actively involved in social welfare activities since its creation. For the year ended June 30, 2017, the company has renewed its commitment to support the local registered NGOs, and a total amount of Rs 772,067 was dedicated towards the five priority areas of the national programme.

MOROIL continues to lay emphasis on education and training through the ZEP programme which provides assistance to all children of the Emmanuel Anquetil Government School and the Zippy Programme through the Roman Catholic Diocèse of Port-Louis aiming in educating and inculcating values to the students aged 5 to 7 years.

The company contributed to the rehabilitation and reintegration of ex-detainees through ‘Association Kinouete” as well as the rehabilitation of persons suffering from disabilities or mental diseases while continuing its support to environment sustainability projects of the Mauritian Wildlife and Mission Verte.

For the coming years, MOROIL is committed to continue meeting its social and community obligations.

  • Association Kinouété

    Causerie sur la délinquance juvénile et la pression des pairs aux enfants d’ex-détenus.

    Cérémonie de remise de certificats pour la session préparation  à la sortie.

  • ELI Africa

    Beehives in our endemic forest at Plaine des Roches

  • Century Welfare Association

    Computer Training Centre, run by the Century Welfare Association – training for those residing in deprived suburban regions of Port Louis.

  • Vent d’un rêve

    Vent d’un rêve – permettre aux enfants issus de milieux défavorisés de se familiariser avec des instruments de musique.

  • Mauritian Wildlife Foundation

    MWF’s Anse Quitor and Grande Montagne nature reserves restoration projects (Rodrigues)