Mauritius Oil Refineries (Moroil) started its commercial operations in 1968 – the very year when Mauritius became independent. In line with the national import substitution policy, Moroil set out to ensure the Mauritian population a continuous supply of locally refined and packed edible oils of international quality, at competitive prices.

Today Moroil offers offers in addition to its range of vegetable oils, a selection of quality food products from various countries, renowned for their food industry as well as for their gastronomy.


The refining process undertaken at Moroil involves the transformation of crude oil into a marketable product by ensuring its stability and preserving the best of its nutritional values and its organoleptic properties. This optimum refining process allows the Moroil oils to preserve the best of their natural values in order to provide us with their essential goodness on a daily basis.

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Moroil is equipped with state-of-the art machines to pack the whole range of products required to satisfy customer needs. All the packaging processes are subject to strict metrological controls to ensure that the correct quantities are being supplied to customers. Moroil Rani is packed in 1L Pouch, 1L PET bottle, 5L and 16L plastic Gallon.  Moroil Soya is available in 1L PET bottle and 4L PET Gallon.  Moroil Sunflower is sold in 1L PET bottle and in Tins of 16 L.



Moroil has storage facilities specially adapted for its oils and imported products. Moroil has implemented a distribution network around the island in order to answer to the demands of the market, notably the emergence of shopping centres, hotels and restaurants. Moroil has a fleet of 9 vehicles and authorised distributors to handle the distribution of its local and imported products throughout the island. The Moroil vehicles are equipped with GPS’.